Monday, December 30, 2013

Shell Ornament - Baptism

Hi all. Happy almost New Year's.

I hope and pray your year is great.

Listen - I have a friend who was looking for a shell ornament for her child.  I'll call her C. Anyway - I knew that one came in a Jesse Tree Swap I did, and since I bought hand-painted Jesse Tree Ornaments, I thought - I can spare the shell.

Well this morning in the middle of 75 different things going on here at la Casa Davis, I came up with an idea and ya'll it worked. I love it when things GO RIGHT.

My idea was to find a picture I'd taken at her son's baptism and make it about an inch wide square. Print it, cut it out, Mod Podge it onto the shell and decorate.

So here it is. I literally stuck a spongy brush into the Mod Podge and this is what it looked like:

Then, after it dried, I took Tombow Mono Liquid Glue and outlined the perimeter of the picture. AND added iridescent glitter.  That looked like this:

And after it all dried, I poked a hole in the picture with my Stampin Up! Paper piercer (the person from the swap had already made a hole in the shell).  I tied some ribbon on it and this is the end result:

You could water color the outside of the shell to add contrast. You could do many things. I literally spent $0 on this gift and I know it will mean a ton to my mommy friend. And since $0 fits in all our budgets.

EASY PEASY! I know we all have Baptisms coming up. What a great, inexpensive idea for an ornament representing that year. I'll let her write the date, etc. on it.

Blessings all,


p.s. I am making headway on my Christmas Cards. Sigh, being Catholic, I have a while. Hey - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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