Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Easy to Make - Advent Wreath

Happy Wednesday All!

I hope and pray your day is going well. I made our Advent Wreath this year, and I wanted to share it with you. I hope you like it:

From the top:

One more picture of the lit candle - this week:


Honestly, it was SUPER easy. Thank you HOBBY LOBBY!

I had been looking for ideas for spiffing up our Advent Wreath. We have one. But it's one we use yearly AND we wanted something different. And I'd been seeing all over Pinterest Advent Wreaths made from Mason Jars, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Materials Used:

  • Mason Jars (Free, I already had them).
  • Sprigs of fake greenery - $2.99 each/half off currently - 4
  • Purple Sparkly balls - $1.99 each/half off currently - 6
  • Silver floral embellishments - $2.99 each/Half off currently - 4
  • Pink/Purple/White Votive candles (Free, I already have boxes)
  • Wired Ribbon - $8/half off currently.
  • Glue Dots (Free, I already have them)
  • Wire Cutters and Scissors
What is that, like $20 bucks? Not bad, I guess.

How I did it:
  • Took wire cutters and cut the long stems off the greenery.
  • Reworked the greenery (like you do a fake Christmas tree, to get it to look like you want).Laid them on the platter, ends to the center.
  • I stuck the floral embellishments in the greenery where I thought I wanted them to go.
  • I put glue dots on ribbon and stuck it at the top of the mason jars, then cut some greenery/long silver ball strip (you see in the pic) and put it in each jar.
  • In the big jar, I filled it with a couple sparkly balls and some greenery, then I put a larger votive in the top with a ribbon around it.
  • I placed the votives in the jars, the jars on the platter - AND added extra ribbon.
  • The biggest part of my time was cleaning the glitter, etc. off our table (see the brush in the picture).
Our Advent Wreath and Jesse Tree take center stage on the Dining Table. That is where we eat dinner, during Advent.

This is the first time I've ever made one and I'm pleased. But I do think I have a more simplistic idea for next year. Rather than cut the greenery, i'll simply buy a wreath and stick the floral embellishments in it. Simple.

Blessings all.

I hope and pray you are enjoying your Advent.


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