Tuesday, February 23, 2016

ScrapBook Expo FUN!

Happy Tuesday!

So a month or so ago, at a Demo Meeting at Christi's, I met a couple ladies I hadn't met before. And they were headed to the Scrapbook Expo in Grapevine. They were talking about a Mega Make-n-take. And I was very excited to hear more. So I signed up... and I took my son and husband to the hotel to swim, have a daddy-son evening. So fun!

It's too hard to give you every detail of what we did Thursday night, so I'm going to give it to you IN PICTURES:

But first... This is me on Friday. Worn out. I'm  not 20 anymore. But man was it fun. Next year, I'm saving my pennies and maybe even volunteering so I can have more fun. YAY
Me on the Couch Friday morning...
This is what we did at the Mega Make-n-Take (MnT) Thursday evening.

The first thing we worked on at the MnT is Memory Jewelry by Craft Fantastic. You know how when you think something is SUPER hard, but it isn't. That is this. I'm not saying it takes no talent or that I have a REAL clue who to do a lot. BUT, it was super fun.

Charm I made
The kit. 
The next thing we worked on was the Texas License Plate by Paper Wizard, Inc. As you can see, mine is "glue-ey", but it's all cleaned up now and I may ad some sparkle. I mean we are in Texas. lol

Next up, From The Kitchen (Recipe card booklet) by Justrite Papercraft.  I just wanted to point out that we got all that you see here. Seriously.

This Cutie Patootie is a Gift Purse with Shoes by Krazy Creations. This would be so cute for the take home gift of a tea party or something (could easily change colors). No, I haven't finished it yet. Things started moving quickly and I got caught up in shopping.

This is a 12x12 scrapbook page by A to Z Scrapbooking. Great company. But the guy was going too quick and I'm not much of a scrapbooker these days, so I left it - to shop. <3

Fold-a-Long Thank you by It's Cheaper Than Therapy this is a super cute concept. The internal party actually comes out - it's like an award. 

Happy Birthday Card & Envelope by Scrap That.  If you do not have the Chalk Writers they use - GET THEM NOW! No seriously - So fun! 

Christopher gave this to a friend on Saturday.
6x6 Autumn by Shoestring Productions. The page is cute, but to be honest, I am not sure what I will use this for. Probably a card.

Bunny Shaker Card by Doo Dilly Designs (website not working). This is cute. Wish I had some littles around. They'd love it.

Crazy Bird Birthday Card by Bee Creative. I made my biggest purchase from them. These birds are colored in Glitter Pen. HOW FUN! First of all, I bought the sets (discounted at the show). Secondly - one of the pens did not activate and they are replacing, that quick. Love that.

Love Foam Front Window Card by Queen & Co. This was one of the most popular companies. They sold out of their products Thursday night (well, the amount they brought to the make n take). 

Happy Birthday Easel Card by Craft Fancy. Such a cute card. Well, it will be when I finish it.

And this is what they handed me when I walked in...

We hung out from 3pm - Midnight. And it was so much fun. 

Check out the ScrapBook Expo site. They are awesome and trust me, we paid $45 and got way more than that in product. It's a great deal. If there is a show near you, I totally recommend it. The product that the vendors have that evening are totally discounted. And they are discounted at the show. Tons of projects/cards to make on the show floor. Seriously - AWESOME!

Hugs & love,

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