About Crafty Em

10373683_10204866892218547_3052111102820827528_nHi, my name is Emily.

You may be wondering why I say "closet" in my blog name. Well - when I first started crafting it was in the alcove of our Master Bedroom closet. My blogs name was InEm'sCloset. Those were good times (8 years ago).

This is me, in my twirly skirt -

Twirly skirt


Ya gotta show a twirly skirt pic if you have one! HA!

I have served on Design Teams for great craft companies and been showcased on various blogs. But I've basically been out of that scene for the better part of two years or so. I lost my mojo after my friend Katie died. But I'm on the hunt for it in 2014.

My Craft Blog Will Cover...

  • Paper Crafting.

  • Seasonal Projects.

  • Gifts.

  • Refurbishing.... anything.

  • Baking (maybe).

I also have a Family Blog where I talk about homeschool, Faith, Finances and all those kinds of things. Check me out at Our Family...Under Mary's Mantle.

I think that is about it.

Blessings all!


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